DIY Dollhouse Chandelier

Upgrade your dollhouse lighting by making your own battery operated rustic dollhouse chandelier with candles, made with cheap items you find at the dollar and hardware store.

Cut basswood to make the box that hold the fairy lights. Click link below for exact dimensions.

Sand wood pieces smooth, then stain or paint your to desired color.

Glue the sides to the top wood piece using wood glue or Aleene’s Tacky Glue.

Position nylon spacers onto the top piece into desired arrangement. Use xacto tip to mark center of each nylon spacer.

Using a small drill, carefully drill 3mm circles where the indentations are.

Using wire cutters, cut past the 8th light using about half the wire after the light.

Starting with the last light, fold the wires on each side and twist. Continue folding and twisting the wires for each light on the strand.

Starting with the first light (the one closest to the battery pack) push it through the holes.

Slide the nylon spacers over the lights and hot glue in place.

Pull each light down into each spacer and cover with hot glue.

Glue down the fairy lights and add two basswood pieces with holes drilled in.

Attach bottom and screw in. Cut out a slit on the bottom or side of the box to  switch light on and off.

For detailed instructions and supply list click on the link below!

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